Also, these articles are my own work from my own unique experiences and I believe that is their value.  The tool problems I write about only tend to occur after a period of use, so are unlikely to be covered in manufacturers literature or anywhere else.  You may use the information personally to repair your own tools but the information must not be used in any way for any commercial purpose without my express written permission.

On these pages we will pass on hints and tips that might help you fix some common problems in your own power tools and maybe save yourself a trip to a professional repairer.
We are not abandoning our repair service but extending it to cover issues that may not be economic for us to do as a chargeable repair and issues that owners may simply prefer to do themselves.

How To - files with Doktor phil

Which brings me to my first tip:

As a general rule, rather than focussing on the intended outcome of an action, always ask "What can go wrong?" before starting the action.  If there is a risk of injury, do not proceed.  A personal injury may well cost more than the faulty tool is worth.

"You are responsible for your own safety."

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Before we go any further, I must stress that I am assuming that the user of this information is a reasonably competent DIY person who can assess risks and carry out tool repair work safely.